Enjoy 30-minutes boat ride from Stone Town, Prison Island has a beautiful beach, clean water, and fascinating history as a yellow fever quarantine station.

Changuu Island is more commonly known these days as Prison Island, a reflection of its use in the 19th century. In 1860 the island was given to two Arabs who used it as a base to hold ‘difficult’ slaves before they were sold in the slave market in Stone Town, or sent abroad. Thirty years later, when it came under British ownership, the plan was to use it as an official prison for the African mainland, but although a prison was built, it never fulfilled its purpose. The island later had a brief spell as a quarantine station for yellow fever, before being opened up to tourists. Now the island is a home to a turtle shelter. Prison Island is located 20 minutes by boat from Stone Town and has some beautiful coral reefs. Giant tortoises walking through the trees, with the calm and parsimony that comes with their advanced age, reaching over 190 years!

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