Buffalo, antelope, elephants, cheetahs and more patrol the sprawling Ruaha National Park, an area of more than 20,000 square kilometers that’s best explored with our safari guide..

Ruaha National Park is the largest National park in Tanzania, covers an area of about 22,000 km². It is located in the middle of Tanzania about 350km from Dar es Salaam. It is one of the few Tanzania’s famous wilderness area whereby experience of game viewing spiced up by the interesting landscape. The park is part of a more extensive ecosystem which includes Rungwa Game Reserve, Usangu Game Reserve, and several other protected areas.

The name of the park is derived from the Great Ruaha River, which flows along its southeastern margin and is the focus for game-viewing. The park boasts of her almost untouched and unexplored ecosystem, making visitors’ safari experience very unique. The Great Ruaha River as other rivers like Mwagusi, Jongomero and Mzombe save as the life line of the park. During dry season, these rivers become mostly the main source of water for wildlife. There are few natural springs saving the same purpose.

Ruaha National Park believed to have high concentration of Elephants, it is also a place where, magnificent mammals like Greater and Lesser Kudu, Sable and Roan Antelopes can easily be spotted in Miombo woodland. The park is also a habitat for endangered Wild Dogs. Other animals in the park include Lions, Leopards, Cheetah, Giraffes, Zebras, Elands, Impala, Bat eared foxes and Jackals. Apart from large animals, the park also harbors a number of Reptiles and Amphibians such as Crocodiles.

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