Selous Game Reserve | This is a Africa's largest game reserve and one of favourite game viewing areas in Africa. The reserve covering about 50,000 square kilometers with lots of unique beautiful attraction.

This is the largest and oldest wildlife reserve area in Africa, covering about 50,000 square kilometers with lots of unique beautiful attraction. It’s located in southern part of Tanzania mainland. The reserve is the home of many wild animals including Elephants, East Africa wild dogs, Black Rhino, plains zebra, Cheetahs and Giraffes. The reserve also has an exceptionally high variety of habitats including Miombo woodlands, open grasslands, riverine forests and swamps, making it a valuable laboratory for ecological and biological processes. Moreover, there are boat safaris that allow you to approach birds and animals quite closer and view crocodile and hippo when you drift on the river Rufiji, the heart of Selous wildlife National Park. The reserve was declared by UNESCO as world heritage site in 1982 due to its wildlife diversity and undisturbed nature of the reserve. This untouched African wilderness can be easily accessible from Dar es Salaam and/or Zanzibar.

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