Zanzibar Islands

Zanzibar is an archipelago composed of two large beautiful inhabited green duo islands, Unguja a nd Pemba, and 52 uninhabited and inhabited islets. The total land covered area of Zanzibar archipelago is about 2 654 square kilometers. It is located on the Indian Ocean of about 32 kilometers east of the Tanzania mainland coastline, and found between 5 and 7 degrees south of the Equator.

It is an autonomous part of the United Republic of Tanzania and has a Legislature, Cabinet, Judiciary and President wit h a government known as Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar which has full mandate to watch over all internal affairs issues.

Zanzibar is the one of the most famous, peaceful and a popular destination in the world since, It has a distinct, ethnical history that is a remarkable amalgamation of the many travelers that passed through it for centuries. Arabs, Indians, Persians, European and even a trace of Chinese, each left an indelible mark in the form of architectural styles and culture that now contribute to its charm. Side by side is the rise and fall of many empires that left behind ruins and other remnants, but their presence is still felt in the blood of the traditional Zanzibarian. Along with strong Swahili influences, the Zanzibar you see today is unique in every respect from their cuisine to semantics, fruit and spices, furniture styles, the fabrics, the gorgeous hand-crafted artifacts and jewelry you find in their small duka stores and of course, the natural wonders that set it apart from any other island seaside destination in Africa. It is 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The Most Popular Luxury Retreats and Underwater Adventures Islets

Mnemba Island, Unguja, Zanzibar

The island has an excellent reef around it and provides wonderful snorkelling and diving areas. It is located about 3km (1.8 miles) off the north-east coast of Zanzibar Island / Unguja. Most water sports centres on the east coast of the mainland offer trips to Mnemba.

Chumbe Island, Unguja, Zanzibar

This island is a Forest Reserve and has a lighthouse which was built in 1904. The reefs around the island have been a Marine National Park since the early 1990's. It has an unusual inhabitant - the rare giant coconut crab which can make its way up palm trees and feast on young coconuts.

Misali Island, Pemba, Zanzibar

It is a small island with a visitor centre, fabulous beaches and great diving and snorkelling off shore, the island and its reef is a marine conservation area. This idyllic place also has super walking trails through forests which cover most of the island.

Shamiani Island, Pemba, Zanzibar

This beautiful and isolated island is just the place to relax and take a break from activities although there is good diving and snorkelling available. To get to Shamiani, visitors will need to arrange to get from Chake Chake to Kengeja and then sail across to the island.

Best time to Visit Z'bar

The island of Zanzibar is renowned for its idyllic sunshine shining down on its white sand beaches and azure waters. Although the island is accessible year-round, there are particular months that are deemed better to travel to Zanzibar.

During the archipelago’s dry season, from June to October, which is a very popular time to travel as the rains will have dried up and the temperature will be hot but not unbearable. This is also the best time to go scuba diving as visibility will be at its peak.

Visiting at the beginning of the dry season is usually a good option as the island will still be lush and hydrated from the wet season. Visiting in January and February is also recommended as this is usually a dry period between the two rainy seasons.

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